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  • Sarah Hale

Wedding Memories with Booma

At Booma, we believe in catching creative and heartfelt moments. We are with you from preparation to the end of the night, capturing your memories for the future. Since majority of our clients in Oman are very serious about their privacy, we unfortunately can't share most of our work from the 50+ wedding events we shoot every year. So, we decided to work on a collaboration project with several different amazing companies in Oman to showcase all of our work. Enjoy, and if you have a wedding coming up book early!

Thanks to our collaborators, and check them out on Instagram!

Photography & Video: @boomaoman

Venue: @wmuscat

Bride Model: @azalea_fajardo

Makeup and Hair: @altaifbeauty

Dress: @walidatallahofficial

Groom Fashion and Perfume: @omanshop1

Jewelry: @michelzeidanjewellery

Nails: @tanya_korol87

Shoes: @shoepalaceoman

Bouquets and Petals: @speaking_roses_oman

Creative Paper Flowers: @kapiooodesigns

Wooden Ring Boxes and Acrylic Names: @inkworksoman 


Bride Preparation Video at Al Taif Salon


A Few Photos of Bride Preparation and Details


Groom Preparation Video at Saif & Khanjar Shop


A Few Photos of Groom Preparation and Details


Check Out the Full Video of W Hotel Photoshoot Below


Scroll Through Photos from the Whole Photoshoot Below

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