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Product Media Content Prices

Do you need some fresh content for you social media?

Do you want to elevate your brand with interesting photos and video of your product?

Hire Booma to expand your business!

Each Photoshoot:

Corporate: 40 OMR

Need some specific props? Give them to Booma to use for free or request the Booma team to purchase them to use for the shoot. Booma will invoice for the items +20% for service fee. 

Aloe Vera
New Flowers
Coffee Table Accessories

After the photoshoot, the client will choose which photos to order and Booma will edit and deliver digitally (minimum 20 photo order)

SME: 2 OMR per photo

Corporate: 3 OMR per photo

Add a hand model for 15 OMR per photoshoot for some extra style!

Sacra Desert-Office Shoot-23.jpg
Kanjal Culture Product-74.jpg

Order a Pattern Photo Edit for an additional 2 OMR per photo

to create some scroll-stopping content!

Under Eye Pattern.jpg
Skin Butter Pattern (2 Sizes).jpg
Skin Serum Pattern.jpg
Frank Oil Pattern.jpg

Need some movement to spice up your social page?

Book a video!

Short and Sweet 
Up to 30 second video including client logo and product movement

Corporate: 45 OMR

Stop Motion Video 

5 to 20 second video including client logo and product movement through stop motion. Stop motion is a unique process that takes many hours to complete, and the outcome is eye catching for your customers.


Corporate: 40 OMR

Show It Off Video 
30-60 second video showing client products, including licensed music, and client logo. Can include text if needed, or interview with business owner talking about product. Have other questions? Let us know!

SME: 120 OMR
Corporate: 170 OMR

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